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Brock: Zero or Hybrid Zero Overflow - The hybrid zero overflow says it’s the upgraded version of the Zero Overflow. The description just says it’s an acrylic insert. How is this an upgrade over the slots in the glass itself? Can you better describe in detail the pros or cons in both and why both exist? Thanks. This overflow makes me want a custom tank over anything else on the market, hands down.
The reason why both exist is because we are always pursuing innovating our products to provide the best quality to the hobbyists. After we made the first Zero overflow we realized that besides the amazing capabilities such as being able to customize it to any sizes, slick look appeal and 3,000 + GPH , there was still room for improvement, then we came up with the Hybrid version that made it cost effective and convenient to use and clean maintaining the same capabilities and look appeal providing clients with a pair of replacement acrylic removable weirs to be able to keep the aquarium running at all times.
Unanimous: Tank size,Power heads / wave makers: I was wondering what would be the largest size tank Rimless /Euro braced could be fabricated that can still be safe to use power heads / wave makers pumps? 84"x30"x20" Or laeger, would that be rimless or Euro brace?
When it comes down to the max. length all depends on the type of glass allowed to use according to the dimensions and volume and still be safe to use power heads / wave makers. Tanks on the lower range using 1/2" thick glass the max. length is 156" either Regular or Low Iron glass, and tanks on the higher range using 3/4" thick glass the max. length is 144". --------------84"x30"x20" OR LARGER, WOULD THAT BE RIMLESS OR EURO BRACED ? An aquarium of those dimensions can be done rimless with the addition of Corners Seams Braces .
Unanimous: Wholesale - Do you offer wholesale pricing for installation and maintenance companies?
The benefit of being a service or retail business store is that we do offer a 10% discount of the base price product in order for them to have a profit, no taxation if a resale or tax exempt certificate is provided and we don't mind if the price is marked up at a higher price. We are a Custom Prime Quality fabricator, unlike any other mass production companies that can offer wholesale prices when an item is ordered in large quantities.
Jeffrey Coleman: Quote- What would be the best way to get a quote?
We love to chat with our clients to advice or discuss about designs and cost effective ideas. Although prices will not be given over a phone call or via text, the best way to provide an accurate quote would be by gathering as much information as possible from the Get A Quote Page Customization Form, once we receive each submission we meticulously revise and prepare a detailed quote with each item individually priced.
M. Cacciatore: Tank sizes- What is the maximum height of a rimless tank?
24"H. is the maximum height on rimless reef aquariums up to 150 gallons of volume, on larger sizes sometimes the cutoff needs to be reduced up to 20"H. Depending on length and width. ( we keep in consideration every possible variable in order to build aquariums to last a lifetime).
Unanimous: Stands- what type of materials are the stands made of ?
All of our stands are built under the same concept ( Our goal is to manufacture products to last forever ). An aluminum square tubing structure frame powder coated w/without heavy duty adjustable feet. Clients can choose between an open concept look or to add a full skirt around with lightweight panel doors which are made of 100% water resistance composite core laminated acrylic on both sides with hidden hinges and push to open latches. Slick and modern high gloss look, very easy to maintain.
Matt Green : Shipping- What is the typical freight fees for shipping a tank to the west coast?
Shipping costs are based on : Dimensions, Weight, Distance and Shippers rates. From our facility to any of the western States shipping cost will range from $600 up to $1,500 or more for Aquariums of 200 gallons and up. Multiples options from different carriers will be offered to our clients to choose from.
Richard Totten: Custom sump - can you provide covers for the different sections of your custom sumps? and what materials are available if this is an option. I would prefer glass myself
Since all we do is Custom, Yes! we can provide lids for our aquariums and each chamber of a Sump ref. system. all of our lids can also be customized made of polycarbonite, acrylic and mesh, glass would not be an option since lids are often dropped or accidentally bumped on to the sump or aquarium causing severe damages. for more info please refer to www.safetoplids.com

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